Live.Laugh.Acknowledge God 1st

   Being in your late 20’s mid 30’s your just now trying to collect your life. Basically, your beginning to know yourself. People always “feel” like when you become a Christian your life suppose to just STOP🚷 No, absolutely not! God wants us to live a full and happy life. He wants us to acknowledge him first and give our lives to him so that we can oneday meet him in heaven.🌄  God loves a good party! According to the bible, God made wine out of water so that the people would have more than enough. So the party could go on!!! 🎉 God just wants use to be mindful in all that we do. So just Live. Laugh. And Acknowledge God 1st!!!  ✌Blessings!

♡I am so Blessed, and so are YOU♡


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